FAT YOGA welcomes everybody; whether you’re a first time yogi, have dabbled in online training or have even tried out a few studios. FAT YOGA is a safe and welcoming space where all bodies can feel comfortable exploring yoga with the support of an understanding and non-judgmental community beside them. Our classes are adaptive and our yoga teachers are trained to work with different body types, ages and it also makes no difference what your fitness levels are as we are always offering alternatives or variations to poses.

FAT YOGA classes cover a wide variety of yoga styles. Depending on the energy of the room or the message the teacher wants to share with you on the day, the teachers will create a flow with a slow start, peek in the middle and then a slow restorative end.
Self love meditation is also incorporated into our classes which fundamentally is, breathing consciously - bliss…

We run 6 week blocks, but don't worry if you missed the start - you can join anytime by booking a casual class. Our prices are $90 for a 6 week course or $18 for a casual class - mats and some props are provided but you’re welcome to bring along whatever you need to make your practice comfortable and safe (we recommend you bring a blanket, cushion or even yoga blocks (Google it)). 

There is absolutely no expectation that you need to rock up in the latest “on trend yoga active wear” for our classes. Wear something comfortable that you can move your body around in, most FAT YOGI’S wear leggings and a t’shirt /jumper.

Our teachers have a deep passion for yoga and strongly believe yoga is for ‘everybody’. You won’t find any “Instagram yoga” bullshit on our mats, just peace of mind and a sense of community.