Q: I’ve never done yoga before and I’m worried I will suck at it, should I still come?

A:Yes! FAT YOGA is a safe and inviting space where it doesn’t matter if you have never done yoga before, hate group classes or think that you have absolutely ZERO strength or flexibility. At FAT YOGA you will be welcomed with open arms, feel safe, supported and not judged. During the class you will be encouraged to rest whenever you need to. It’s most important that you go at your own pace to keep safe in your own unique body. You could spend the whole class lying and simply breathing on your mat, that’s all good with us. Because as long as you’re breathing consciously, you’re doing yoga!

Q: Seriously though, there’s no way I will ever touch my toes, my belly will get in the way and I can’t get up and down off the ground easily. Is this for me?!

A: This is the best place you could ever come to start exploring your body. We will support you to find modifications of poses that work for you. Big bellies are given lots of love at FAT YOGA and you don’t need to be super bendy, strong or to be able to touch your toes. It’s important to take care of any injuries, listen to your body, rest and modify poses as you need to. FAT YOGA is all about being kinder to ourselves and building strength in our minds first and foremost.

Q: Why do the classes run for 6 weeks?

A:Our classes run in 6 week blocks so students can progress throughout the course and learn the tools and techniques to develop a yoga practice in their own time. We do offer casual passes where you can drop in for a one off class for $18. We recommend a 6 week course to get the full benefits from being apart of our epic community. The 6 week blocks also enable us to make sure we can continue to run our programs, it provides more certainty for our fundraising.

Q:What do I need to bring?

A:Just bring yourself and an open mind to give something new a go. We have yoga mats and props, we recommend you bring a blanket as in the meditation when still your body can cool down and feel cold, this are not necessary, it just can just add comfort to your practice.

Q: What do I expect when I turn up to class?

- WELCOME - Please turn your phones off and leave your shoes and belongings by the door. The space is a free for all, there are no bagsing spaces. If mats are laid out please feel welcome to go sit on one or if you need to lay the mat out please find a place and make your self comfortable. Please just ask the teacher if you are ever unsure.

Q: what is meditation?

-Each class includes some meditation time, at the begging and/or the end of class.
Suitable for beginners - we will guide you through every step of the way. This time of stillness is used to slow the mind and breath. “There is nothing quite like learning to slow the mind, believe me this is a beautiful process and incredibly rewarding” - SJ

Q: I’m scared to come by myself?

-If the above hasn’t eased your mind into an excited class sign up, then why not bring a friend along to your first session to ease yourself into taking that first step! We are very proud to say that once you come the first time you will see how welcoming and inclusive this space is. You will feel right at home.

If you have any other questions not covered in the above please dont hesitate to contact us.